All Forms of Bullying & Abuse Harm Brains

But Neuroscientists Also Know How to Heal the Harm

Neuroscientific research provides insight into the impact of bullying and abuse on brains. At the same time, it offers evidence-based solutions on ways to transform the harm into healthier, more productive, higher performing neural networks.

The R8 System has been designed to revolutionize the way we understand, think about, and handle bullying and abuse in organizations.

Is Bullying or Abuse Tearing Apart Your Life?

Do you have little faith that anything will ever change?

  • Do you want to know from a brain-perspective why bullying and abuse in all forms are so harmful?

  • Do you want to hear the neuroscientific research on the invisible damage done to brains that are emotionally, verbally, sexually and physically abused?

  • Do you want to learn why bullying and abuse are as serious and as invisible as concussions?

  • Do you want to discover a new approach that gives you applicable strategies to oust bullying and abuse from your life?

  • Do you want to find out why administrators or those in power fail again and again to stop bullying and abuse

  • Do you want to learn strategies to heal, repair, and rebuild brains that have been harmed by bullying and abuse?

  • If you've answered yes to the above questions, then you are ready to learn the R8 System - 8 steps grounded in applied neuroscience that can transform bullying and abuse into healthier, more empathic, more balanced behaviours!

Welcome to the Neuroparadigm

Learn how a brain-informed approach can be transformative


Dr. Jennifer Fraser

Dr. Jennifer Fraser is an award-winning educator and best-selling author on Amazon. Featured in the Huffington Post, National Workplace Bullying Coalition; Toronto Star, Changing The Game Project; National Alliance for Youth Sports; and Edutopia along with many other media outlets and foundations, Jennifer advocates for the rights of students and individuals to learn in an abuse-free environment.

With a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Toronto, Jennifer's development of the R8 System is in response to the devastation of bullying and abuse to organizations. She has a forthcoming book entitled The Bullied Brain: What Neuroscientists Know about Brain Scars and How To Heal Them.