Every single day in the news, we read a story about abuse in an esteemed organization or sophisticated workplace.

Every day, careers are harmed, children cower at home, talent is lost because we fail to stop harassment and bullying in the workplace and schools.

Every day, a child commits "bullycide" and yet nothing seems to change.

Bullying is an epidemic infecting all walks of society, but no one has the cure.

That is until now.

The antidote

to bullying and abuse is

The R8 System.

The fundamental premise of the R8 System is that bullying is not a child's issue.

Just like misogyny, racism, violence, sexual abuse, homophobia, anti-Semitism are not child problems, neither is the abusive mindset and conduct that encompasses them all: Bullying.

Bullying is done by adults and taught to children.

Adult to child is the greatest power-imbalance, yet receives the least attention. Children learn bullying from adult role-modelling: the ways in which we coach and teach, as well as the ways in which we enable, protect, and reward bullying and abusive adults in the workplace, in politics, and even in the court system. The repeated refrain from those who try to protect themselves is that the legal system itself is based on a power imbalance created by wealth, prestige and power.

However, we are entering an era where victims are side-stepping the law's failure to represent justice and are instead holding abusers, and those who fail to stop them, accountable in the media. It is now an issue of reputations, the risk of losing one’s job, and the expense of lawsuits to maintain one's brand. We are now at a time when bullying or abuse can result in a ruined career and reputation as we witnessed with the blow-up in Hollywood followed by the scandal in USA gymnastics. Both case studies will be examined in the courses.

The R8 System does not deal with parents or families.

Instead, this system lasers in on bullying or abuse done by educators, leaders, administrators, producers, directors, coaches and teachers etc. We have entered into an era where not only those who abuse may lose their jobs or go to jail, but involved administrators might as well. Vicarious liability means that administrators need to be vigilant, informed and intentional about their staff.

The R8 System foregrounds the truly dangerous and destructive impact on individuals and on organizations as a whole.

With insights from psychology and neuroscience on just how destructive bullying and abuse are to brains---and hence performance and productivity---the R8 System foregrounds the truly dangerous and destructive impact on individuals and on organizations as a whole when bullying and abuse are not stopped and remedied.

The R8 System offers a different approach to reporting that hinges on education, safety, and administrative accountability. The system exposes the stress administrators often feel, as well as the conflict-of-interest that besets them as they mismanage abuse reports. Throughout this system, actionable strategies will be provided to lessen the stress that has led far too many well-meaning administrators astray.

NEUROSCIENCE provides evidence-based hope that we can change behaviour.

We believe that if all your stakeholders are equipped with psychological and neuroscientific knowledge, you will greatly lessen bullying and abuse in your organization. The information is conveyed in an actionable, systemic way that is easy to remember and apply.

R8 offers the option to put an early warning system in place to protect vulnerable parties in the power imbalance. The goal is to keep administrators and leaders informed and accountable. Furthermore, when those who are bullying and abusing are identified early enough, they can be rehabilitated and rewired to return to their profession. We work with StopIt as an integral part of stopping bullying and abuse in organizations.

R8 System's Motto is an easy way to remember the break-down of the old system and the values of the new R8 approach:


S ilence makes you complicit.

P revailing myths lead you astray.

E ducating stakeholders about abuse is crucial.

A void counter-facts.

K illing is how high the stakes are in bullycide.

U pstander position puts you at risk.

P ositive psychology transforms mindsets.

N euroscience is the new lens.

O pportunity to transform with empathy and compassion.

W e can change!

The R8 System Includes All 8 Steps


  • Is there a savings by enrolling in the R8 System vs purchasing each step separately?

    Yes! By purchasing all 8 steps of the R8 System you save $600.By purchasing the entire R8 System you'll not only save money, but you'll also get all of the training you need to make a difference and be a part of the solution.

  • Do I have to do all eight courses and in order?

    Each course stands on its own and has a specific focus. However, the goal of the R8 System is to bring about a shift in culture. This requires repetition, return to key concepts, revisiting words, scenarios and reflecting on errors. The ambitious goal to replace outdated neural networks with new neural pathways. This is why there are eight courses and why they use as much sensory stimulation as possible. It is why you need to do workshops to solidify your knowledge and new neural networks that will default to different ways of handling bullying and abuse reports, that will be more proactive in creating a culture of empathy and compassion. If you do the courses in order and refer back, then it is easier to catch the reference and apply it.

  • Some people in our organization think that neuroscience is just a fad. How can we be sure it’s not just the next “thing” and is actually useful and applicable?

    Neuroscience is an emerging field that has captured attention because of its newness. Neuroscience has taken off because of our ability to see the brain non-invasively. So for the first time, we can see what helps the brain, what hinders it, what hurts it. All of this is in process and neuroscientists are learning more and more with each passing day.

    However, there is enough reputable, high-level, extensive research to show that bullying and abuse hurt brains. Will it change or be refined? Probably. Does that mean we should wait before we apply it to our organizations? No. Once you have learned just how much emotional, psychological and verbal abuse harms brains, you want to ensure it does not happen to anyone in your charge and especially not children or teens with their developing brains. Sexual and physical abuse heal on the body relatively quickly, but they leave scars, abnormalities, withering and other depletions in the brain. This is crucial information for all and I hope you become an R8 trainer and spread the word.

  • Do you teach the R8 System live? Can we consult with you on phone or Skype or have you come and present at our organization?

    Yes! I will support you in any way I can to replace bullying and abuse with empathy and compassion. Check out the workshops presently available and described on the website. I can also tailor something unique for your organizational needs. Please send a detailed inquiry and one of our team will get back to you within 48 hours.

  • Do I get a certificate for taking the R8 courses?

    You will receive a certificate for every R8 course you complete. It’s worth discussing with your insurer especially when you consider that 80% of payouts involve bullying in one form or another. If you can show your insurer that you are proactively shifting your culture away from bullying and abuse, it will surely be something for which they acknowledge you. Encourage them to keep track of bullying and abuse payouts before you committed to the R8 System and after you learned it and implemented it. This may result in further insurance benefits for you.