We are at a turning point in dealing with bullying and abuse…

…in schools, in universities, in sport, in the workplace and in society.

Dr. Jennifer Fraser has designed a breakthrough system that encourages organizations to take off in a new direction in dealing with these issues.

Based on cutting-edge research, her R8 System ensures organizations turn away from the past and embrace a much healthier, informed and intentional culture.

We can continue along the path of bullying, abuse, cover-ups, and ineffectual attempts to stop the harmful behavior, or we can implement a much better, healthier, proactive system that keeps everyone (i.e. students, athletes, employees, teachers, coaches, mangers, and executives) safe.
We are at a turning point in dealing with bullying and abuse…

R8 System to End Bullying & Abuse

Organizational Health & Personal Growth


    R8 draws on neuroscience and positive psychology to question and re-think outdated, broken systems


    Looking through the lens of positive psychology and neuroscience, R8 examines contemporary case studies so that theory becomes practice


    R8 levels the playing field and empowers all stakeholders with a safe, anonymous reporting system to act as an early-warning mechanism that keeps leaders and administrators informed and proactive


    R8's application of evidence-based practice allows for individuals to transform their conduct by means of a rigorous system of accountability and opportunity for rehabilitation


    R8 teaches the transformative power of self-awareness and the impact it has in an organization that understands the influential force of role-modelling


    R8 demonstrates, not only the competitive edge to be gained by harnessing empathy, but also foregrounds the significant losses that occur when lack of empathy leads us astray


    R8 constructs an evidence-based foundation upon which to build relationships in the moments of one’s working life, and on one’s long-term career path


    R8 draws on the neuroscience of compassion to foreground the remarkable benefits of proactively caring for self and others

R8 allows for crucial, fierce conversations. It encourages them. It creates space for vulnerability and recognizes the toughness it takes to share, to support, and to lead from this position.

Organizational health is inextricably entwined with individual mental health and R8 approaches the issue of well-being and growth mindset from both angles.

The R8 System is collaborative, constructive, systematic and dynamic. The system consciously replaces the “blame / shame” paradigm with a new construct of empathy and compassion. The learning outcomes are not about “do's" and "don’ts.” Most anti-bullying courses will tell you definitions and have you look at laws, policies and rules. We don't do that in the R8 System. We assume organizations know the rules, what they struggle with is creating safe, healthy, bully-free environments.

Organizations that commit to learning the R8 System will learn why we engage in harmful conduct, how we can avoid such behavior, and what kind of strategies we can implement to enhance the way we treat ourselves, and hence one another.

How does the R8 System Differ From Other Anti-Bullying Approaches?

You and up to 25 of your selected staff will examine case studies where directors and administrators have mismanaged bullying and abuse. The goal is to provide you with the necessary insight to ensure your organization and your people are protected and flourishing.  

Be prepared while working with the R8 System to question your ideas and beliefs about bullying and abuse and replace them with an entirely new way of examining and handling the issue. The new approach is evidence-based and it debunks the prevailing mindsets that have locked far too many systems into a bullying and abuse paradigm. 


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Being stuck in an outdated paradigm that normalizes bullying and abuse...

...could mean significant hurt, harm and suffering of potentially multiple victims; a blow to individuals and your organization as a whole; and being blindsided by victims who report and / or go to media resulting in lawsuits, payouts, fines, and negative press.

The R8 System Is The Risk Management You Need.

  • Train your leaders and administrators to be proactive about bullying and abuse in your organization

  • Discover how esteemed leaders and administrators in the recent past enabled abuse, instead of stopping it

  • Analyze the ways leaders and administrators covered up abuse, despite being well-intentioned, good people

  • Examine real-time case studies that allow you to learn from others’ mistakes

  • Transform your organizational culture from any trace of bullying and abuse to empathy and compassion

  • Train a group of leaders and administrators who all understand that properly handling bullying and abuse is inseparable from organizational success

  • Avoid expensive lawsuits, payouts to fired employees or employees forced to resign; avoid fines, negative press and blows to your organization’s reputation

  • Retain dedicated and talented employees who flourish in non-bullying cultures

  • Create a healthy culture where employees are happy about coming to work, take less sick days, suffer less mental-health issues

  • Increase your bottom line since research shows bullying lessens productivity and leads to weaker performance


  • What is the cost savings by purchasing 25 staff licenses for the R8 Sytem?

    The investment for the multi-license purchase is $12,000. This gives you 25 licenses to distribute to your staff members.

    The R8 System sells for $999 per person. If each of your 25 staff were to purchase and enroll separately, it would cost your organization $24,975 BUT when you purchase the multi-license (for up to 25 staff licenses) you SAVE $13,000!

  • Do we have to do all eight courses and in order?

    Each course stands on its own and has a specific focus. However, the goal of the R8 System is to bring about a shift in culture. This requires repetition, return to key concepts, revisiting words, scenarios and reflecting on errors. The ambitious goal is to replace outdated neural networks with new neural pathways. This is why there are eight courses and why they use as much sensory stimulation as possible. It is why you need to do workshops to solidify your knowledge and new neural networks that will default to different ways of handling bullying and abuse reports, that will be more proactive in creating a culture of empathy and compassion. If you do the courses in order and refer back, then it is easier to catch the reference and apply it.

  • How do we time the 8 courses?

    Our recommendation would be to do one course per month. Once a month, groups could meet to do the workshops together. This would leave four times per year when the groups get a break or holiday from the hard work of shifting paradigms from bullying and abuse to empathy and compassion. Because the material is emotional and can cause reactions, groups might want to come together to talk about their responses and support one another.

    If your organization is at a critical juncture, the courses could be one once a week and be wrapped up in an intensive 8 weeks. This could happen on weekends with a team of leaders, administrators or managers who recognize that change can’t come quickly enough.

  • Some people in our organization think that neuroscience is just a fad. How can be sure it’s not just the next “thing” and is actually useful and applicable?

    Neuroscience is an emerging field that has captured attention because of its newness. Neuroscience has taken off because of our ability to see the brain non-invasively. So for the first time, we can see what helps the brain, what hinders it, what hurts it. All of this is in process and neuroscientists are learning more and more with each passing day.

    However, there is enough reputable, high-level, extensive research to show that bullying and abuse hurt brains. Will it change or be refined? Probably. Does that mean we should wait before we apply it to our organizations? No. Once you have learned just how much emotional, psychological and verbal abuse harms brains, you want to ensure it does not happen to anyone in your charge and especially not children or teens with their developing brains. Sexual and physical abuse heal on the body relatively quickly, but they leave scars, abnormalities, withering and other depletions in the brain. This is crucial information for all and I hope you become an R8 trainer and spread the word.

  • When you work with StopIt! reporting app, do you earn a fee?

    No. My work with StopIt! is without financial gain. My goal was to find a community of people who care about stopping child abuse, and all abuse and bullying. I connected with StopIt! because their app is excellent and their understanding of the R8 System and its application are ideal. StopIt! is as engaged in changing our bullying paradigm as I am, and therefore, we work well together. Finally, Carol Todd sits on their Board of Directors and the tragedy of her daughter’s suicide, her daughter’s abuse at the hands of an adult, who then created a culture of bullies around her, is exactly what I want to halt and change in our society.

  • Do you teach the R8 System live? Can we consult with you on phone or Skype or have you come and present at our organization?

    Yes! I will support you in any way I can to replace bullying and abuse with empathy and compassion. Check out the workshops presently available and described on the website. I can also tailor something unique for your organizational needs. Please send a detailed inquiry and one of our team will get back to you within 48 hours.

  • Do we get a certificate for taking the R8 courses and can we use them with our insurance company to get a discount?

    You will receive a certificate for every R8 course you complete. It’s worth discussing with your insurer especially when you consider that 80% of payouts involve bullying in one form or another. If you can show your insurer that you are proactively shifting your culture away from bullying and abuse, it will surely be something for which they acknowledge you. Encourage them to keep track of bullying and abuse payouts before you committed to the R8 System and after you learned it and implemented it. This may result in further insurance benefits for you.


  • Dr. Jennifer Fraser


    Dr. Jennifer Fraser

    Dr. Jennifer Fraser is an award-winning educator and best-selling author on Amazon. Featured in the Huffington Post, National Workplace Bullying Coalition; Toronto Star, Changing The Game Project; National Alliance for Youth Sports; and Edutopia along with many other media outlets and foundations, Jennifer advocates for the rights of students and individuals to learn in an abuse-free environment.

    Since the publication of her third book, Teaching Bullies: Zero Tolerance on the Court or in the Classroom, Jennifer has been writing articles, and giving interviews and presentations across North America on the subject of abuse and bullying's impact on brains.

    With a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Toronto, Jennifer's development of the R8 System is in response to the devastation of bullying and abuse to organizations. She draws on psychology and neuroscience to stress how harmful and scarring bullying and abuse are to brains.

    Jennifer works with the brilliant StopIt! reporting system which she believes is the best way to keep students, student athletes, and employees safe, as well as organizational leaders informed. She has a forthcoming book entitled The Bullied Brain: What Neuroscience Can Teach Us About Brain Scars and How To Heal Them.

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