Do you want to keep everyone in your organization safe?

This course aims to transform ineffectual approaches to bullying and abuse into an informed, intentional and highly efficient R8 System.  

The course examines how and why past leaders and administrators have failed to keep their people safe. It uses the blueprint of their failure to explore an alternative way to stop bullying and abuse so that you can keep all people in your organization operating in a healthy, respectful and safe environment.  

Research shows that this results in far better performance and productivity. The course is built on the premise that our present system, meant to stop bullying and abuse, is broken. 

This means far too many people, including children, are unsafe. 

I failed to protect 14 teens who had the courage to report abuse being done to them by their teachers

My book, Teaching Bullies, recounts my experience of the broken system that presently allows far too many to suffer bullying and abuse. I watched school administrators fail to act when they had received, directly from multiple students, reports of teacher abuse. I watched lawyers "investigate" in such a way that the teachers were protected and the victims were re-victimized. Educational authorities dragged their feet, used incorrect sources to assess the conduct, and faulted the students for being "too sensitive." This is a broken system.

The students were made promises of confidentiality, healing, and different teachers to coach their teams only to find the system turn on them and re-victimize them.

The students' story is embedded in extensive psychological and neuroscientific research which unequivocally shows adult bullying and abuse to be extremely harmful to developing brains. Considering the abusive effects could last a lifetime, according to experts, it's time for change.

In 2012, I had a rude awakening to the fact that our present system is broken.

Students reported being called "f----  pussies," "f---- retards," "f---- pathetic," and so on. They reported being yelled at in the face in repeated scenes of public humiliation. When they tried to get away, the teacher grabbed them and held them in for more. One student reported being thrown against a wall. They didn't know what to do or how to stop it because the "bullies" were teachers. 

I then personally watched administrators, Board of Governors, Inspector of Independent Schools, Director of School Sports, Commissioner for Teacher Regulation, and Ministry of Education ensure that the teachers were protected from any kind of public accountability for the harm they did. They all failed to respond properly to reports of abuse. They did not respect the rights of victims to speak up and be heard. There was no safe, anonymous way for victims to report and they suffered retaliation.

The mismanagement of abuse caused the children who reported to be re-victimized and broke relationships among students, faculty, administrators, and parents. I have subsequently learned, by researching the phenomenon of reversal and victim-blaming, that it is a normalized pattern in abuse cases. 

This is why we need to re-educate and rehabilitate

The story of what happened to these students is being repeated all over the place. I am contacted by so many people asking for strategies that I have put together a program for leaders and administrators of sports organizations, schools and workplaces.

This experience has galvanized me to construct the R8 System to stop bullying and abuse as there is no need for this kind of suffering to occur in any organization.


  • Learn how to identify myths about bullying and abuse

  • Discover that the cult of bullying begins in childhood

  • Examine the ways in which leaders fail to protect their people

  • Articulate a safer narrative for your organization

  • Begin the process of building better and more accountable models for handling bullying and abuse in your organization

  • Learn the neuroscience and positive psychology approaches to re-think and revamp the way in which you address bullying and abuse

  • Get the necessary insight to ensure your organization and your people are protected

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Protect Your People

    • How To Navigate This Course

    • R8 2 Introduction

    • R8 2 Intro 1

    • R8 2 Intro 2

    • R8 2 Intro

    • R8 2 Intro Quiz

  • 2

    R8 2 module 1: Myths about Bullying and Abuse

    • Debunking Myths

    • R8 2 Module 1.1

    • R8 2 Module 1.2

    • R8 2 Module 1.3

    • R8 2 module 1 Debunking Myths

    • Debunking Myths Quiz

  • 3

    R8 2 module 2: Bullying and Abuse Start in Childhood

    • R8 2 Bullying and Abuse Start in Childhood

    • R8 2 Module 2.1

    • R8 2 Module 2.2

    • R8 2 Module 2.3

    • R8 2 Module 2: Bullying and Abuse Start in Childhood

    • Bullying and Abuse Start in Childhood Quiz

  • 4

    R8 2 module 3: Workshop

    • R8 2 Module 3: Workshop

    • R8 2 Module 3.1

    • R8 2 Module 3.2

    • R8 2 Module 3: Workshop

  • 5

    R8 2 Module 4 Failure in Governance

    • R8 2 Module 4 Failure in Governance

    • R8 2 Module 4.1

    • R8 2 Module 4.2

    • R8 2 Module 4.3

    • R8 2 Module 4: Failure in Governance

    • Failure in Governance Quiz

  • 6

    R8 2 Module 5: Workshop

    • R8 2 Module 5: Workshop

    • R8 2 Module 5 Workshop

    • R8 2 Module 5: Workshop

  • 7

    Assignment For Those

    • Assignment for Those Taking the Course for Pro-D or Continuing Ed Credits

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Meet Your Instructor


Dr. Jennifer Fraser

Dr. Jennifer Fraser is an award-winning educator and best-selling author on Amazon. Featured in the Huffington Post, National Workplace Bullying Coalition; Toronto Star, Changing The Game Project; National Alliance for Youth Sports; and Edutopia along with many other media outlets and foundations, Jennifer advocates for the rights of students and individuals to learn in an abuse-free environment.

With a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Toronto, Jennifer's development of the R8 System is in response to the devastation of bullying and abuse to organizations. She has a forthcoming book entitled The Bullied Brain: What Neuroscientists Know about Brain Scars and How To Heal Them.