End of the Abuse & Bullying Era: Start of the Empathic Era

#MeToo blew the lid off the traditional silencing of victims.

#MeToo began with one voice in the film industry and it has grown to be a widespread international movement of sexual harassment and abuse survivors speaking up and holding the perpetrators accountable. 

Then there was USA Gymnastics. Starting with the lone voice of a gymnast, who was castigated and bullied for speaking up, the USA Gymnastics scandal has now led to 157 impact statements made in an open US courtroom in order to detail Dr. Larry Nassar's abuse and the harm it did. This is a legal and cultural precedent setting case. 

Now, High-School students in the US will march on April 20th to protest American gun-laws that allow for far too many school shootings and dead victims. The latest one in Florida killed 17. This is a new generation pushing back against a status quo that allows for rampant abuse, little to no accountability, reporting processes that re-victimize, and ultimately culminating in guns readily available to mentally-ill and traumatized individuals.  

This generation says no.

The high-level administrators that enabled Jerry Sandusky to abuse children on their watch went to jail. Coaches who create conditions of fear, humiliation and favouritism are being fired across the US.

The insurer for the Catholic Church is refusing to pay out 10 million dollars worth of claims because the religious leaders were informed about the abuse and did not stop it.

Times are changing. It's no longer business as usual.

For administrators, being proactive in this era of accountability is crucial to protect their people, to protect themselves, and to protect their organizations.
This generation says no.

The R8 System is a new and innovative way to stop bullying and abuse so that you keep your people safe; you stay in your position; you stay out of jail; you save millions in lawsuits and insurance, and you maintain your, and your organization's reputation.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    R8 Step 4: Sexual Harassment
    • How To Navigate This Course
    • Introduction
    • R8 4 Intro 1
    • R8 4 Intro 2
    • R8 4 introduction
    • Sexual Harassment Intro Quiz
  • 2
    Module 1: Harvey Weinstein
    • Module One: Harvey Weinstein
    • R8 4 Module 1.1
    • R8 4 Module 1.2
    • R8 4 Module 1.3
    • R8 4 Module 1
    • Module 1: Harvey Weinstein Case Study
  • 3
    Module 2: Workshop on Sexual Harassment
    • Module Two: Workshop on Sexual Harassment
    • R8 4 Module 2.1
    • R8 4 Module 2.2
    • R8 4 Module 2 Workshop
  • 4
    Module 3: Time to Re-Educate
    • Module Three: Time to Re-Educate
    • R8 4 Module 3.1
    • R8 4 Module 3.2
    • R8 4 Module 3.3
    • R8 4 Module 3
    • Module 3 Quiz
  • 5
    Module 4: Scapegoat or Rehabilitate
    • Module Four: Scapegoat or Rehabilitate?
    • R8 4 Module 4.1
    • R8 4 Module 4.2
    • R8 4 Module 4.3
    • R8 4 Module 4
    • Scapegoat or Rehabilitate
  • 6
    Module 5: Implement the R8 System
    • Module Five: Workshop on Implementing the R8 System
    • R8 4 Workshop
    • R8 4 Module 5 Workshop
  • 7
    • References

Meet Your Instructor

  • Dr. Jennifer Fraser


    Dr. Jennifer Fraser

    Dr. Jennifer Fraser is an award-winning educator and best-selling author on Amazon. Featured in the Huffington Post, National Workplace Bullying Coalition; Toronto Star, Changing The Game Project; National Alliance for Youth Sports; and Edutopia along with many other media outlets and foundations, Jennifer advocates for the rights of students and individuals to learn in an abuse-free environment.

    With a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Toronto, Jennifer's development of the R8 System is in response to the devastation of bullying and abuse to organizations. She has a forthcoming book entitled The Bullied Brain: What Neuroscientists Know about Brain Scars and How To Heal Them.